How Juvederm Revitalizes Skin, Cheeks, & Lips


Inner Beauty is Key, Outer Beauty Still Matters

Beauty lies within you and that statement is absolutely correct. Is that how life works though? Beauty has various aspects but it’s gate-keeper is your appearance. No matter how well you present yourself to the public, your aesthetic appeal matters in our society. It is something that makes a first impression about you, and sets the table for how you want to be viewed.

With age, skin starts losing its elasticity and may appear dull specifically in areas near eyes, cheeks and the forehead. There are various anti-aging treatments available in the dermatology space. One of the most popular ones is Juvederm. It is a form of filler that can easily be injected to add volume in loose and pale areas such as cheeks and lips. Here are some of the benefits of investing in Juvederm therapy.

Adding Volume

Apart from the age factors, the environmental conditions and daily lifestyle can equally affect your skin and its aging. This is another reason Juvederm therapy can be beneficial. . Even when you can control some of the age and environmental factors with diet, exercise, as well as lifestyle approach, genetic factors such as hormonal changes cannot be intercepted as effectively. Juvederm is a great cosmetic method to battle against these changes. Juvederm filling enhances the appearance and takes away the loose and sagging appearance from your skin. You’ll actually feel like you’re getting younger, almost a fountain of youth feeling!

Lip Enhancement

Lips are one of the most aesthetic features of your face. Remember the days when you were younger. You didn’t need any form of dermal filling to enhance your lip lines and stand out. With age and time, lips start sagging and skin becomes loose. Lip augmentation using the Juvederm methodology, significantly enhances the presence and appearance of lips. Now when applying your favorite lipstick / lip gloss, you’ll see an enormous impact in how the color highlights your features with a new fuller lip line. This treatment form can be especially beneficial to those who have thin lips. Juvederm plumps the lip surface and make them appear more full and luscious.

Removing Wrinkles and Nasolabial Folds (Laugh / Smile Lines)

You might have noticed that certain areas of skin develop lines, folds and wrinkles. These lines and wrinkles become more permanently visible as you age. This happens because your skin loses its elastic capability to support the cellular structure, it develops visible boundaries like folds and lines. What juvederm does is it pumps up the skin surface and the loose sections of the skin can now become stretched, but in a natural manner. Even when wrinkles and lines still exist, these become less visible and at times, almost nonexistent in some cases.

Cheek Lift Procedures

Cheeks start to get loose with time and this can make them appear baggy and fluffy. Juvederm filling consumes less time than other more invasive surgical procedures and gives you fast noticeable results. The skin becomes plump and more appealing to the eye. The cheek enhancement gives you more confidence to present yourself in various areas of work and life, allowing you to feel younger and more attractive.

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