Laser Hair Removal Facts to Know

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that reduces unwanted facial and body hair. It is one of the most convenient, noninvasive methods that is used in the United States. It works with intense laser beams that target the pigment in the hair follicles making them unable to grow new hair.

The effectiveness of Laser Procedures

If you are tired of excessive hair growth, in grown hairs, or just having to shave every day laser hair treatment may be for you.  For more information on the Laser process, please visit the following page – Understanding Laser

The Pre-Treatment Preparation

What  are you required to do before starting the laser hair treatment? Are you expected to restrict diet? What type of body cream are you expected to rub on the skin days after or the day of the treatment, etc. For a good list of common FAQ, please refer to this article – Laser FAQ

Post Treatment Care 

Educate yourself on the after effects of Laser hair removal. Some challenges that might occur after the laser treatment may include slight redness of the affected areas.  Most  side-effects are very brief, and don’t last more than a few days or weeks from the time of laser hair treatment.  Side-effects are also dependent on the patient’s skin type and nature. Discoloration of the affected area might also follow, but this is often a rare condition. See more on commonalities  – Laser Removal Side Effects

In all Laser hair removal is completely safe, and it’s growing popularity is more evidence of it’s safe effectiveness. Call us today to book your complimentary consultation at 310.974.6160 Looking forward to hearing from you!

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