Perfect Guide To Botox Cosmetic Treatment


Botox: Meaning

Botox as a cosmetic is used for more than 15 years in the medical profession as form of Botulinum toxin for facial treatments. When injected in the muscles, the toxins attaches themselves to the nerve endings and immobilize the muscles that causes facial expressions. This process reduces the fine lines generally found between eyebrows at the upper cheekbones, chins, as dimples, etc.

The treatment is very popular amongst middle-aged and elderly people. It has been successful in providing satisfactory results.

Botox: Procedure

The facial treatment through Botox cosmetics is simple and safe for the users. It can be easily conducted at the practitioner’s office.

No anesthesia is required prior to the treatment as the procedure causes minimal discomfort to the skin.

The areas of treatment are first selected or marked by the practitioner.

Before the injection, an ice pack is placed on the selected area for sometime. Applying ice will numb the area which will reduce the pain during treatment.

A very small needle is used to inject the Botox directly into the muscles surrounding the selected area.

The injection then paralyses the muscles giving your skin a smooth and refreshed look.

Botox: Use

The Botox cosmetic has multiple benefits. It is surely an effective way to give your skin a youthful look by effectively reducing the crow’s feet lines. But it is also found in many studies, that Botox is successful in relieving migraine headaches, muscle spasms and sweating. Depending on the patient’s need, a doctor or a medical director can prescribe the suitable type of Botox treatment.

Botox : Side Effects

The Botox treatment has been very safe in majority of cases. Patients need to follow some precautions like not rubbing or scratching the treated area. If the procedure is carried out under experts keeping all the precautions in mind, then the treatment is absolutely safe for use.

The Botox treatments are soft to skin. They do not give any permanent effects to your body. Although the effects are very effective but lasts only for 3 to 8 months which makes this treatment safe for use.

If the process is not undertaken under a professional, mild numbness, swelling or tingling can occur. So whenever you plan to get a Botox treatment, make sure that you choose a trusted company.

To Note: No doubt Botox injections are very effective, but it is always advisable that one should consult a doctor before its use. Some people can be allergic or an overuse can cause flat face. The doctor will be able to provide correct information of the dosage and effects of the treatment.

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